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Other Links of Interest

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Other Links of Interest

The history of the telescope " the binocular Good Resources about telescopes & Binoculars

Educational Resources Educational Observatory Institute - Web Resources

The Astrophysics Visualization Archive at the Hayden Planetarium

U.S. Naval Observatory located at 3450 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

Amateur Astronomical Observatories A website about small observatories that individual amateur astronomers have built for personal use.

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide

Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA JPL Solar System Simulator

Satellite Tracking Program A freeware Satellite Program for the PC. It can track 500 Satellites simultaneously.

Satellite Tracking Program Orbitron - A freeware Satellite Program for the PC.

CalSKY an Astronomical Calendar and information center that is customizable to your location and experience level.

Sea and Sky Many Astronomical Links and information on this website.

Crosby Ramsey Memorial Observatory Recommended Astronomy Links

Heavens-Above! Satellites or Astronomy information website.

Constellations Portraits of Stars and their Constellations

Stardate Astronomy

Do you want to know where to look to see the International Space Station? Visit this link first and then here to pick the city closest to your viewing location.

Want to know the star viewing conditions in Tonight's Sky?

There are lots of meteor showers in the fall. Each shower occurs over several days, and the maximum time is still a matter of guesswork. The dust and gravel that trailed out along the path of earlier comets continues to spark wonder when Earth's orbit crosses that old path. Do you want some ideas for picking more times for viewing the different meteor showers? Why not visit here and make your plans?

Finally, the Hubble Space Telescope looks out further than we can!

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